Patrick Mordi was born in Baltimore, United States, but raised outside of Lagos, Nigeria. At the age of 9 he relocated once more, this time to Amsterdam, where he currently resides. His versatile childhood benefited him both as a person as well as a photographer. Even though he’s one of the many talents out there, his passion and devotion to art and music is recognizable in every aspect of his work.

"Tenebrosity: the quality of being dark or shadowy" is a portrait series based on strength and visual excitement. Mordi’s photography exhibit doesn’t only trigger your sense of sight, but also challenges your perception of smell and sound, giving you a full introduction to his creative mind and vision.


Patrick Mordi
"Tenebrosity: the quality of being dark or shadowy"
Quartier Putain
Oudekerksplein 4

Friday, October 21 17:00-00:00

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