In line with our upcoming party '020' at The Pickle Factory, we're getting to know the performing artists better with a Q&A and playlist. This time we ask London DJ Martelo about his life and what he thinks about the club culture, sit back and enjoy.

Who are you, and where are you from?
Martelo, reppin’ South London (via Jersey and Glasgow)

What keeps you occupied on a daily basis?
well, DJ’ing isn’t quite a 9-5 so I’m always on the clock, I spend most of my days seeking out new music or working on my own.

When and how did you start with DJ'ing?
I started selling mixtapes at school when I was about 15 and I think my first time DJ'ing in a club I was maybe 16/17... I was (and still am) just someone who loves music, I love hearing new sounds and was the guy taking music to house parties, and telling the local DJ’s what tracks were gonna be the new singles off albums etc. as I was getting my hands on promos before actual DJ’s, because I spent all my time (and lunch money!) in the record store.

What was the first record you bought?
Thin Lizzy - Live and Dangerous (I think...)

What do you think is the difference between the club scene in London and Amsterdam? And what do you think '020' will add to the nightlife landscape?

I’m a big fan of the club scene in AMS, from little parties in local areas to De School etc, the vibe is always on point. The clubs are happy for you to be there, The ravers are there to have a good time, there’s no drama about the music that’s played, and the DJ’s are great... Dutch DJ’s are always dope. Your club scenes are way more connected, the same people at a Patta party listening to SMIB etc. will also be at De School for some weird techno shit.

Currently in London there are a lot of DJ’s who can’t DJ, you know, people who have just decided last week they want to be a DJ and and put some youtube rips on a USB... and “influencers” (people with a big social media following, most times these are the same people) currently doing most of the DJing at London parties... Not in the big serious clubs, but it’s going on more places than it should be. It’s all split up and quite seperated unfortunately, there’s not as much unity as there was in the days of FWD>>, YoYo, Deviation, etc etc.

Hopefully ‘020’ will set the bar high and show the kids there is more to a good DJ than someone from instagram playing the latest bangers. and I’ll come out of it sounding like less of an boring old hater. ffs.

Which music artists are you currently listening to and would you recommend others?
The J Hus - Common Sense album is on steady repeat!

Letherette - whether it’s House or Hip Hop, or weird shit these boys always nail it.

OMO Frenchie, repping Cotch International... a local label with global taste.

Etch.. everything this guy makes is bonkers. Check him.

JD Reid... same for him, LEVELSSSSS!!!

Randomer - The man is a G, he can make shit TUMP like no one else.

Ikonika - Distractions... New album from one of my favourite DJ’s / Producers.

Josey Rebelle, Rachel Foxx, Shannen SP, (I really wish there was more girls on this list)

What is your best power piece at the moment?
Not sure what this means tbh :S soz

What is your favourite graphic at the moment and why? (art, photography, videos)
I dont really know about this one either :S

does this count?

What is your favourite travel destination?
Currently... Amsterdam! I’ve spent so much time in Amsterdam over the last few years, I think there and Paris are my most visited locations to play and to hang out. I’m on the train to the motherland, Scotland, right now and want to visit more places up here TBH on a normal one though, not raving.