Patta in South Africa Part 2

A group of artists arrived a couple weeks before us to partake in the month long I ART JOBURG Exhibition, a big wall mural project presented by adidas. Falko (SA), Remed (Spain), Cameron Platter (SA), ROA (Belgium) and Steve "ESPO" Powers (USA) painted some impressive large-scale murals across Jo'burg, with the legendary street photographer Martha Cooper documenting the entire project.

Event day started out real laidback with the sun shining comfortably upon the STR.CRD attendees in the Maboneng Precinct. Various foodstands were set up on and around the block, offering a wide variety of food and drinks to go. Outdoor activities included live music, skateboarding, BMX, dance and street art, while inside the venue there were many booths lined up, varying from brands like Converse, 2Bop, Bitches Must Know, Mutta, Babatunde, Unknown Union, to multimedia platforms, workshops and more art. Nike set up a half court to shoot hoops and get ready for the NSW x STR.KINGS event the next day, with a hefty cheque to be won.

Arcade classics in attendance.

BMK reppin' Cape Town.

Matheus holding it down in the Mutta booth.

Babatunde headwear in traditional fabrics.

CLAW Money's custom Chucks at the Cons booth.

Wafa, StreetBoss and Amirah taking a well deserved break.

In the afternoon, Edson, I and other international speakers attended the TEDxJozi conference, speaking about Patta and exchanging dialogue and ideas, which was very interesting. While the sun started to set, more and more people gathered by the main stage to check out the epic STR.DANCE battle (V.I.N.T.A.G.E. what up!) and live music performances by local and international artists. The temperature dropped quickly in the evening, forcing the crowd to consume alcoholic beverages and dance to stay warm. It worked. Excellent performances by Zaki Ibrahim, Jesse Boykins III, JakobSnake, Christian Tiger School, Just A Band and many more took us well into the night.

Sunday was relaxation day. While Jesse Boykins III, Melo-X, Woo shot their new video at OPEN, the rest of the crew just dwelled around the area, checking out the STR.KINGS bball event and hang out at the market until dinnertime.

Most guests would be returning to their home countries the following day, so we had dinner with all the guests, crew and staff at Moyo, one of our favorite food spots. STR.CRD came through proper organizing and taking good care of everybody the past week and put the cherry on top with a stundee giftbag in collaboration with 2Bop and guest creative director Daniel Ting Chong containing a special STR.CRD tee, 2Bop denim cap and Lion Head soap. Bless!

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