Patta in South Africa Part 3

While most of our old and new friends returned to their respective homelands, we continued our journey and made our way towards beautiful Cape Town lead by STR.CRD General Hardy and right-hand muscle Mandla, on the Jo'burg blocks also known as StreetBoss. Alongside Matheus (Mutta Shoes), Yu-Ming (Freshnessmag), Wendy (Nitrolicious), Fred (3680 Photography) and his lady Chinere we hopped on our 2-hour flights.

Cape Town is the second-most populous city in South Africa after Johannesburg, but both differ greatly. While the Jo'burg atmosphere is more raw and upbeat like say, New York, Cape Town exudes a very laid back aura like the West Coast cities. The spectacular hills, beautiful coastlines and dramatic mountainous backdrops exhibit why the city is Africa's most popular tourist destination.

Kalk Bay would be our home for the next few days, a beautiful fishing village and suburb of greater Cape Town. The mansion was just a stone's throw away from the ocean, with a nice assortment of small stores, cafes and restaurants along the shoreline. Though Hardy was exhausted from the past weeks readying the event, he still found it in his chef's heart to display and share his infamous culinary alchemy with all of us, providing homely dinner experiences away from home. Gotta love him for that. After the magnificent food it was a wrap for everybody, early night to get some rest in for the sightseeing tour the following day.

Cape Point is a prominent mass of mountainous, scenic landform and one of the southernmost points in Africa. The Cape of Good Hope is located here, which gives you a crazy view of the fluctuating currents of the two oceans meeting one another. It's home to a wide array of animals such as penguins, ostriches, tortoises, lizards and baboons. Whales, sharks and seals can also be seen on a good day. The Cape is also the legendary home of The Flying Dutchman, a ghostship that can never make port and is doomed to sail the oceans til infinity, but I digress. Needless to say, the scenery is nothing short of spectacular and the pictures don't really do it justice.

Atop one of the peaks.

Ed Hardy in the flesh.

We went all the way up to the higher lighthouse peak and then down again along the long trail, which takes you to the lower southernmost point at the end of the accessible trail. I wasn't having it though, and jumped down the matte black lizard-infested rocks til there was nowhere to go, unless you're willing to break all your bones. Perhaps I caught the spirit of The Flying Dutchman.

Now I truly understand why the place is one of the wonders of nature. After taking in the amazing scenery, we continued our way along the coast to consume some Fish On the Rocks in Hout Bay (I'll spare you the food pictures, just know that it was good) and checked out Chapman’s Peak and Signal Hill.

Kind of bummed we didn't get the chance to visit Robben Island the day after due to bad weather, hopefully next time. Instead, we hit up Long Street, Kloof Street, some dope record and streetwear-spots in the city and swung by the 2Bop studio to visit the dondada's Brad and Anthony who set up the "Die Kaap Is Hollands" gig for us at LBs Lounge later in the evening.

Getting to play in Cape Town and party with the local people was dope. Thank you to the 2Bop for hooking it up and a special shout to everybody who came out!

After the gig we packed our stuff to head back to Jo'burg the next morning. Though we checked in on time, StreetBoss and I barely made the flight cause we lost track of time while watching videos in the lounge… Which reminds me of StreetBoss' superlate sunglass-wearing superstar-entrance on the plane to Cape Town a few days earlier… This guy is a bonafide classic. In the end we all made it and I'm glad we got to spend our last day on summertime Main Street with the beautiful sun setting over the place of gold. See you in 2013…

Thank you's:
So many old friends we got to see again and new friends we made and would like to thank… Let's start by thanking Hardy McQueen and Stephan Le Roux for everything and making another incredible journey possible! Thank you to the entire STR.CRD 2012 staff for all the effort, assistance and hospitality. Though you kept me wake with your wild snoring in Cape Town, much love to Mandla aka StreetBoss aka #snorlax for holding us down whenever wherever. Love and thanks to the never not smiling production coordinator Boogy for your tireless hard work, let's get that Chicken Licken poppin', Eleanor and Melvilla staff for the great hospitality, Negiste stay wonderful sis, thank you Jerri, Yolandi, Jessica, salute to the mayor of Soweto Wireless G holding us down always, much obliged brother, Wandile (Thesis) stay running tings proper, the wonderful and talented sisters Wafa and Amirah catch you on the big screen soon, the incredible Manthe (V.I.N.T.A.G.E.), stay amazing inside out, Liam and Lebo for the crisp visuals, Bhubesii what up king, Okmalumkoolkat only rest in December, Sanele, Tempracha got next, Wandile catch you next time lil' bro, Funisu fam, stay rolling, Jo'burg massive: Lerato, Zama, Zonke, Makosha, Thithi, Sunshine, Cape Town Massive: Bradley, Anthony and Caitlin (2Bop) thank you for everything, the talented mister Daniel Ting Chong, Ward, Nicci and Hayden (Bitches Must Know), the wonderful Safiyya Bryce, keep the platters rotating, mister Ollie Kruger, Rolo, FOMO, LBs Lounge, Ill Skillz, the STR.CRD class of 2012: Joey, Lee, Mayra, Nica, Jesse, Melo, Woo, Claw, Lisa, Matheus, YM, Wendy, Big Fred, Chinere, King Adz, and last but not least, thank you Nando's — Can I get a Black Card???

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