Patta founders Edson and Guillaume were recently invited by ROC Zuidoost, a college in Amsterdam, to give a lecture about the conception and growth of Patta. The goal is to inspire the youth to follow their passion and show that passion can bring you to a lot of places. They spoke about how Patta started with just a 40.000 euro loan and no major companies on their side, and how the network of good people around them helped with setting the pace for a successful company and fulfilling the Patta dream. From the start of the Patta-idea at Fat Beats, travelling the world for the best sneakers, and the very first Patta release.

This lecture was initiated by the Zuidoost Plus Modules. This program is organised for 750 students in Amsterdam to encourage their enterprising side. The students can choose from 25 different workshops which are modelled to the theme of that moment. Edson and Guilaume were part of the "ZO zakelijk talent" theme, which focuses on business/commercial talent. The idea is to decrease the distance between school and worklife, and help the scholars with their choice in field and direction they would like to persue when they’re finished with school.



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