Patta London, 6 Silver Place, Soho It's been a long time coming, and last week it finally happened: A second brick and mortar Patta store, adding physical presence in the heart of London. The crew flew in for this special occasion, helping with the final touches to the interior designed by Lili de Goede, and set up for pre-opening with family & friends and a 7-hour special broadcast in collaboration with Know Wave - before officially opening its doors for public. Music guests included Don't Cry Don't Beg, Gully Type, Know Dibi Dibi, Martelo, Lil Silva and of course the Patta Soundsystem. At the same time, the film crew was also present to document the final bits of footage for the Get Familiar documentary. All in all, a very hectic and exciting time. Friends and family from all over filled up the cozy Soho street quick, catching up, taking pictures and enjoy the cold fresh beverages provided by Smirnoff, Captain Morgan and Guinness. Big love to Danielle from Sonos who not only provide our in store sounds, but also facilitated us with their beautiful Sonos Studio space for friends & family dinner.


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Not only did the kind people at Sonos provide our new store with great sound, they also facilitated us with their beautiful Sonos Studio space in Shoreditch for us to have a very relaxed friends & family dinner with a bespoke menu and excellent food provided by Crumble. The Sonos Studio is a stunning acoustically designed, social and collaborative space for working, meetings and immersing yourself in music. A big thank you to Sonos, Crumble and Diageo for taking such good care of us and our guests!

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We closed the night out at the famed XOYO, where Oneman is currenty running his very own 13-week residency. Guests of the night included Sam Gallaitry and our very own Patta Soundsystem, this time comprised of Jeff Solo, Abstract, FS Green, Mo Manager, and Vic Crezee b2b with Martelo. PART 2 COMING SOON! Photography by @mastalee