Asa Butterfield

Who are you, and where are you from?
I am Asa Butterfield, 18 years old and have been acting since the age of 10. I'm a proud Londoner, raised in Hackney.

What keeps you occupied on a daily basis?
When I'm not working, I tend to chill out as much as possible. I have a pretty ordinary life outside of the acting world, filled with video games, hanging out with mates and listening to music. But being an actor you spend a lot of time without having a secure job lined up, so I read plenty of scripts and every so often a great one comes up, and you can tell when a film is going to be good just from the script. You do read a lot of crap, but that one gem that gets you pumped is all you need.

What has been your favourite acting role so far?
It's a tough one, I think I've learned a lot from every film I've done. Filming Hugo was my biggest leap in scale, it really made me appreciate the amount of work that goes into creating a film. X+Y was probably my most challenging role, but I also learned a lot about some really interesting people and got to push myself as an actor.
And then there's all the cool stuff you get to do, like flying around in zero gravity, shooting lasers and doing backflips. Much of it is done in the edit, but the stunts in Enders Game were some of the most fun I've ever had in filming.

What is your best power piece at the moment? (clothing, collectors item, etc)
It used to be my Hennessy Jersey, but some moron sold it...
After that it'd be my Supreme/Basquiat Replicas shirt, or the Evangelion figurines I got from Tokyo.

What is is your favourite graphic at the moment and why? (art,
photography, videos)
I'm a budding photographer myself, but I also really want to get into documentary film making and camera work. Being on the other side of the camera has always interested me, especially since working with some of the best cinematographers first hand. My ultimate goal would be to go out to Africa or the Amazon and film wildlife documentaries.

Which music artists are you currently listening to and would you
recommend others?

I've got a pretty broad music taste, I listen to a lot of Hip-Hop, but not the crap being produced that just has a dirty beat and auto tuned bars to convince people it's 'dope'. Slum Village, MF Doom, The Roots, Blackstar, FlyLo, De La Soul... I could go on. I wish I could rap myself but just don't have the voice.
I also listen to a lot of Reggae, Trojan Records all the way. Fat Freddie's Drop make exactly my kinda music. My iTunes is full of Soul, jazz, dub, jungle, funk and DnB The only things I don't really listen to are Pop and Rock, and deep house.
What is your favourite travel destination?
Tokyo, hands down. I went there for two weeks last summer and it was insane. I've never been to a place that I relate to so much, I'm 90% sure I was supposed to be Japanese. The energy, the food, the 5 floor arcades that you can spend a whole day in and never get bored. And Jesus, people there is so stylish, I see everyone walking around in some of the cleanest fits I've ever seen.

How did you get up on Patta?
I guess it was through my increasing interest in my kicks and what I'm wearing. I first went to the Patta store in Amsterdam, but my favourite piece is the quilted brick shirt I got from Stussy in NYC from the 2014 Stussy x Patta collection.

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  • Anna Cabanado

    Thank you for asking these questions, especially his music taste. I've been curious about it! Does he like twenty one pilots?
    So sad he doesnt like rock. then, how did he film 10000 Saints? he's a bit of a rockstar there. haha. Thumbs up for all your movies Asa. yer such a great actor.

  • panzhaohai

    I don't know

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