The DJ duo DeadHYPE radio, comprised of Bernard and Christopher, are quickly establishing their name in the Amsterdam and international DJ scene. Their next event in collaboration with Just Jam, Mo Manager and Patta is set to jump off December 12th at Chicago Social Club, features guests Sudanim Music, Kid Antoine, Jarreau Vandal, SIROJ and many more. We sat down and had a little chat with the guys.

Who are you and where are you from?
B & C: We are deadHYPE radio, hailing from the UK. We specialise in musical cultural events, pirate radio, and also DJ all over the globe with a monthly residency on Berlin Community Radio.

What keeps you occupied on a daily basis?
B: We just launched our Culture TV Channel,, so developing the website and creating content has completely eaten our social life.

C: Berns and I both also work at adidas HQ in Marketing, which really comes across in our branding and Rasmus, our Art Director, is also a Senior designer at Resn the agency, so we have a lot keeping us busy.

What is is your favourite graphic at the moment and why? (art, photographs, videos)
B: I am really into Just Jam at the moment, it is an audio visual experience that combines music and VJ'ing. They actually made the video for Skepta's 'That's Not Me'. We have just arranged for the first event to be held in Chicago Social Club on December 12th, which will be free entry!

C: We made an experimental video sequence for our ADE listening party in 360°. The results were incredible and the team we had on board were thinking on another level. It’ll soon be up on our channel and will be fully interactive.

Which artists are you currently listening to and would you recommend others?
B: We bring over a lot of musicians to Amsterdam, so you can really see who we are into by the line up. my personal favourites at the moment have to be Kid Antoine and Sudanim from Her Records. I really think they are setting pace in Bass Music.

C: It’s really important to discover new artists from all over the world that are producing impeccable music and flying under the radar. Very much into Shriekin’, Akito, Dehousy, Fraxinus and Sylvere right now… And they’re all top blokes!

What is your best power piece at the moment? (clothing, collectors item etc)
B: I just bought an all black fur winter coat in Berlin, real statement piece makes me look like I am a 90's Jungle DJ.

C: Certainly has to be my DEZEEP Amsterdam cap collection. I’ve got so many models from Paul Zeper, they’re just so well made and extremely versatile.

What is your favourite travel destination?

B: Has to be Copenhagen, this is really my home away from home, just love the atmosphere over there, really vibrant scene.

C: I’m really split in between LA and Tokyo They are definitely the polar opposite of one another, but are equally as fantastic as each other culturally and artistically.


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