We recently had the honour to work with the talented fashion and lifestyle photographer Karen Rosetzsky on our forthcoming project with ASICS. To get more familiar with Karen and her works, we had a Patta Q&A with Karen.

Who are you, and where are you from?
I was born in Denmark and moved to Holland when I was 23 years old. Ever since then I have been calling Amsterdam ‘home’.

What keeps you occupied on a daily basis?
Oh boy, I am super busy... Especially after the launch of my first book, ‘Young Love’, which has sort of taken on a life of its own, I can honestly count the days I have been “off” on one hand. However I am not complaining, I adore what I do and wouldn’t want it any other way.

What is your favorite graphic at the moment and why? (art, photography, videos)
I love Danish design. At the moment I am totally into second hand Danish design furniture. So after I’ve put the kids to bed I will get onto my hunt for the perfect pieces. I also love visiting museums. There is this great place in Denmark called ‘Louisiana’, which I always try to visit when I am there. The last expo there featured Yayoi Kusama - unfortunately I didn't make it up there for the expo, but my husband brought me back this great book about her which I love.

Which music artists are you currently listening to and would you recommend others?
Ok, so right now I am totally into this new Dutch band called Indian Askin, it's Rock and simply just super fresh!

What is your favorite travel destination?
Seeing as I now live in Holland I think my favorite travel destination will always be Denmark.

What was your first photo camera and what do you currently shoot with?
My first camera was a Nikon f3, which I had gotten from my dad when I was 14. I still have it. I shoot on a Nikon D810 today.

Which photographers influenced you along the way? (style, philosophy, body of work)
I have always loved Peter Lindbergh, Richard Avedon and Annie Leibovitz, however there are so many great photographers that I admire, it’s difficult to say. I also really adore Sally Mann.

What moved you create the ‘Young Love’ photographs and book?
For me photography needs to tell a story or involve real people; real, honest feelings, that’s what inspires me. And precisely that is what I wanted to achieve with my book 'Young Love '

Where can we take a closer look at your work?




ASICS x Patta GEL-Respector by Karen Rosetzsky / Halal

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