Who are you, and where are you from?
My name is Madja and I’m a 26 year old filmmaker. I was born in Den Helder and raised in Osdorp, Amsterdam. My roots lie in Kurdistan.

What keeps you occupied on a daily basis?

My daughter. Hustle. Opportunity. Films.

How did you get into film/video making?
Necessity. I studied MBA at the VU University, mainly to please my parents. After my Masters I couldn’t find a job. This was 4 years ago. Fortunately, that was the time that DSLR cameras were booming, making it possible for guys like me to experiment with film for the first time. New techniques allowed me to make films independently without money. We only needed a video camera and motivated friends.

Your films and photos are quite cinematic, where do you get your inspiration from?
Mostly, I get inspired by music and photography. Listening to music while flipping through photography books is something I do very often. I look up to photographers such as Joel Meyerowitz, Bruce Davidson and my all time favourite Boogie.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Working and living in Paris. Making a feature film before I turn 30.

What is your favourite visual at the moment and why? (art, photography, videos)
My favourite art piece comes from my good friend Stikstok. He also drew the kickboxers Miles, Zakaria and Hamza for our film project Partisan. We’ve known each other for a long time now and it’s good to see his progress. I’m currently blown away by 'Imperial Courts' by photographer Dana Lixenberg. Also, I stumbled upon the film Buffalo ’66 a few days ago. It’s great.

What is your best power piece at the moment? (clothing, collectors item etc)
The Bunny tee Stikstok made for Frank 151 Japan (I see you Lyntaro!). He also made a special mini version for my kid.

Which music artists are you currently listening to and would you recommend others?
The new Drake/Popcaan tune is on repeat all day. Furthermore, I’m currently in a French vibe. I listen to MHD, PNL and Booba. I also listen to a lot of Dutch artists. Caused a stir last year with the Ma3lish video I did for Sevn Alias, Boef, Wilde Westen, Mocromaniac and of course Yung Nnelg. Also, a lot of Brazilian bossa nova in the weekends.

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