180heartbeats + JUNG v MATT shot a short documentary in which Edson Sabajo, co-founder of Patta and Patta Running Team talks about new ways of running.

Show me where you drink.
Show me where you eat.
Show me your routes.
And i will show you mine.

If you think running is for freaks, skinny pseudo-sportsmen or those who desperately want to loose some weight - this video is for you. In the biggest cities around the world running crews are forming, gathering people not only around running. They’re joined by lifestyle, music, art, parties. Graffiti artists, lawyers, doctors, DJs run together.

Patta Running Team from Amsterdam is a crew formed in 2010 by Edson Sabajo - founder and co-owner of cult sneakers store Patta. Their team is a melting pot - people from different backgrounds and places around the world become family. They ain’t leave no one behind. Thanks Bridge The Gap that joins runners, crews from around the world contact with each other, share their experience and meet. They share their way of life, what they create, how do they party and last but not least, how they train.

In Poland We Run Clan works the same way. They went to The Hague for a half marathon invited by Dutch crew and met other teams form Bridge The Gap. Two weeks later people from Patta and Berlin Braves came to Warsaw for Air Max Day and VaporMax premiere - the latest Nike shoe that combines running with sneaker heads world.

Because you don’t have to eat healthy. You don’t have to deny yourself anything. You don’t have to change your lifestyle to run.


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