Patta Running Team, ROCva & BijlmerEnzo joined forces to help the youth get in better shape not only physically, but also mentally.

The project consists of a 6 month training where the kids will work on 3 subjects.

“Become a better person”

1. Status;
Patta will give them a social platform and help with achieving their goals.
2. Crewlove;
Focussing on leadership, teamspirit and how you can achieve a goal as a team.
3. Physical;
By training for the half marathon the kids will get in better shape. This way they will feel fit and feel more comfortable in their own skin, and help achieving their goals easier.

With a weekly training by Patta running team trainers, we're ging to help them get stronger and prepair them for "De Halve van Amsterdam", a half marathon in Amsterdam.

On May 26, 18:00, there will be a draft day. During this day you are going to run 5 kilometers. We're going to look who has the most motivation and will be selected for the team.

You can sign in via: [email protected] with a motivation why you want to run. When you have signed up you will receive a confirmation email with an invitation.

Afther the tryouts the participants will be notified if they're selected for the team.

For more information or questions you can email Lieke Koningen: [email protected]