Patta Shorts, Bucket Hats and Hip-Hop

Pioneers like Kool Herc, Bambaataa and Flash played drumbreaks off existing records for MC's to rap over, making it their own. Producers like Marley Marl, The Bomb Squad, Prince Paul, Pete Rock and Premier sampled and chopped up existing sounds to create new music, making it their own. The infamous Lo-Lifes literally took a preppy high-end brand, and made it their own. merging elements from totally different spectrums, taking something and making it yours, That's Hip-Hop.

Inspired by this ethos, as well as fresh lifestyle brands intended for people with money, labels like Fred Perry, Lacoste and Polo Ralph Lauren, we wanted to produce an homage to this mindset. Thus we created these pieces of garments to signify the best of two different worlds.

You can't go wrong with a pair of good shorts, a fly bucket hat and a fresh pair of kicks before embarking on a trip to the city or overseas. The shorts have two front pockets, two back pockets with flap button closure and belt loops. Both pieces come in a beige heavyweight cotton and are embroidered with the Patta "P". Hit the links to get yours!

Patta Bucket Hat Allover (Beige) S-XL €50,00

Patta Shorts Allover (Beige) 30-36 €120,00

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