In addition to the store and brand, Amsterdam’s famed Patta has been serving as a creative network and platform for well over a decade. From art to events, from film to music, The Netherlands has long been a breeding ground for local, like-minded talent.

Connecting and working within this pool of musical creatives eventually birthed The Patta Soundsystem, a loosely organized collective which consists of knowledgeable and skilled individuals, each successful in their own right, who have been essential in providing Patta-related events with the best musical selections.

Now under supervision of Mo Manager, The Patta Soundsystem takes on an official fixed form made up of 5 DJ’s and 3 MC’s. The Patta Soundsystem consists of DJ’s Vic Crezée, FS Green, Abstract, Jeff Solo, Mairo Nawaz, and MC’s Lentini, VI and Lyrical Tie.

This cooperative enterprise provides a wide array of dope sounds, varying from energetic Hip-Hop to funky House, from soulful R&B to heavy-hitting future bass. Move off the comfortable grid and onto new musical terrain with The Patta Soundsystem.

For more info check the Patta Soundsystem website or Facebook.

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