0_Title_Color Patta is primarily a mens streetwear brand, but inventive women often incorporate Patta pieces with their effeminate attire as well. This prompted our dear creative friends Violette Esmeralda and Ace Dia to conceptualize and art direct the Patta #SSS ladies editorials, blurring boundaries and highlighting the visionary styles in which clothing can be worn, regardless of gender. For itÂ’s 2 year anniversary special, the duo takes pieces from the latest Patta Fall/Winter collection 2015, and documents a selection of Amsterdam-based women in their natural habitat of whom they feel fully represent the #SSS movement in day to day life. The second drop of the Patta Fall/Winter collection 2015 collection will be available in store and online Friday, November 6 and at official retailers soon. 1_Swaan 2_Mug 3_Farida 4_Karima 5_Maria 6_Mars 7_Amber 8_Winnie 9_Vio 10_Morrison 11_Coco 12_MrsPleinzicht 13_Gwen 14_Bella 15_Lucy Photography & Art Direction: Violette Esmeralda Art Direction: Ace Dia Thank you & lots of love to Amber, Bella, Coco, Farida, Gwen, Karima, Lucy, Maria, Mars, Morrison, Mrs. Pleinzicht, Oma Mug & Swaan