1R Today, we present our Patta tracksuit collection. Inspired by comfortable summer essentials and classic sport silhouettes, we have produced two tracksuits in navy/black and black/navy combinations, both with Patta script logo detailing on the zipper, chest and pant leg. The tracksuits are complemented with a pair of swimming shorts and a coach jacket. The swimming shorts and coach jacket will be available in three colours: black, navy, and pine green. All garments in this summer ready collection are produced from 100% lightweight nylon and are all interchangeable. The Patta Tracksuit collection will be available in store and online Friday, May 27. 2R 3R 4R 5R 6R 7R 8 9R 10R 11R 12R 13R Photography: Vincent van de Waal Models: Mella, Jelmer & Damo