Who are you, and where are you from?

They call me Tom Trago, but thats just an aka for angel sent from heaven. Creator and destructor of all drama. A lonesome rider on a mission to speed things up, or slow things down. My current mission is keeping me in located in the city they call Amsterdam.

What keeps you occupied on a daily basis besides playing and making music?
Making sure rock 'n roll doesn't die. extending the life of the party. and relaxing in Sauna Deco, though hanging out with my girls in Bergen aan Zee and painting seem to rapidly gain my intrest lately.

What was your first connection with music, and when did you start producing yourself?My real love for music started in the mid nineties when I saw DJ Edzon spinning records in Amsterdam. After that my love was cultivated by the likes of Kid Sublime, Mr. Wix and Piet Parra amongst the likeS of KC the Funkaholic, All Out K and Antal, followed by teachings from San Proper, Cinnaman and so on. The golden child has many fathers.

What is your best memory of Dekmantel in general?
That they wanted to name their party Detroit Spirit and San Proper told them it was a bad idea. The time cinnaman and me still had a techno act called Yuro Trago and dressed up in suits, which looked pretty ridiculous while playing in a hot and steamy bar called NL. Playing at one of their really good parties at MC Theater during new years or ADE. Also the time Thomas Martojo's name changed to Thoompje Bonzaiboompje, Not to forget the time me and Casper had a 'balletje'.

You’re close friends with loads of Dutch artists such as San Proper. In what way does the Amsterdam music scene inspire you?
Brotherhood means a lot to me, and that's what's one of the backbones of the amsterdam scene. The fact that we can all collaborate on different levels without hate and envy puts a smile on my face. Also the work ethic of the Amsterdam scene is very inspiring.

Which music artists are currently and inspiration to you and would you recommend others? (include link if possible)
In dJ'ing I would suggest Elias Mazian, a true talented kid and a funny guy too. As a producer I would check Deniro, Darling, Fatima Yamaha, Simon Weiss and Young Marco.

What is your favourite destination to play records? (also, where does your music fit the best in your opinion and why?)
LA and Amsterdam. Paris and Glasgow. NYC and Ibiza. It actually doesn't matter, it all depends on the people. And there are cool people in every city. It's just the skill to get them to the party you are playing.

What is your relationship with Patta and when/where did it start?
ooooh GOD. Lets start with; it is an intense and special relation. Don't forget; the same guys doing Patta are the guys that got me into my first love in life: music. The relation strenghtened when we started touring as the Parra/Patta Soundsystem. Being on the road together means a lot. I don't know exactly, but it just means a lot. Also the Patta crew was the first to bring me to cities like New York, Paris and Berlin. they kinda showed me the world in its good and bad ways. I still feel really connected to them and consider them close friends although we spend less quality time lately because of our busy lives.

What was the idea/concept behind the track you’ve made for the PATTA x Dekmantel release?
I just wanted to make some weird shit that my friends liked. I guess it's my idea of a Dekmantel X Patta collabo, but then converted to music.

What is your best power piece at the moment? (clothing, collectors item etc)
- The custom made jeans & shorts & shirts that Koen Tossijn did for me
- The Patta longsleeve that they did for Deux Deux
- The Celine sunglasses on my nose
- The Versace sheets I sleep under

What is your favourite visual at the moment and why? (art,
photography, videos)

The paintings of Seeger Baas and the illustrations of Steven van Lummel.

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