Young Marco 2015-3

Who are you, and where are you from?
My name is Marco, and I'm from Amsterdam. Occasionally you can find me there.

What keeps you occupied on a daily basis besides playing and making music?
That's pretty much it! Oh wait, I just started a label called Safe Trip. Got a whole bunch of releases lined up for this and next year. Some pretty exciting stuff, which I can’t say too much about yet, it's that good. I am also starting a hot sauce brand called Emotional Napalm. If you are into condiments you are in for a treat.

When was your first connection with music?
My mom playing Prince non stop. Lots and lots of skateboard videos. I had a job writing code when I was 13 or something, I bragged my way into it, and I would drink jolt cola and listen to early Warp records cause it made me feel really smart.

A couple of years ago the sound you're representing wasn't as popular as it is now. What's it like for you to experience this change in interest?

I don't think I represent any particular sound. In recent years Amsterdam has had a very good period in cultivating a new generation of super openminded people. Which was lacking for a while. But this is of course a global thing too. You are not force fed music anymore by lame majors or radio (unless you want to) and can go on your own journey via record stores, Youtube, your friends, whatever. Sharing music with friends and people in general can be one of the most rewarding things cause it always comes back to you.

What is your favourite destination to play records? (also, where does your music fit the best in your opinion and why?)
Japan is always special to me. People respond to music in a very different way, they close their eyes, zone out, it gets kind of spiritual sometimes if you’re lucky. Plus the food is pretty good.

Which music artists are currently an inspiration to you and would you recommend others?

My good buddy Jan Schulte never stops amazing me, Gigi Masin, Red Light Records crew, Suzanne Kraft, Jonny Nash, Robert Bergman, Hunee, Interstellar Funk, Gilb’r, the list goes on and on. All friends basically. It means more to me if I have a personal connection with someone. I don’t actively listen to current “dance” music that much. But yeah, outside that bubble that I’ve been listening to a lot of raga’s lately by Pandit Pran Nath, he was like the Yoda to all the New York minimalist guys like Le Monte Young, Terry Riley, Jon Hassell, and all that lot. Some music can stop time and you can listen to it forever on repeat, I think that's one of the most powerful things you can achieve.
And I don’t even smoke weed.

Your studio is actually based in the old Dekmantel office. What does Dekmantel mean to Young Marco in general?

I’ve been connected to them pretty much since they started, I actually designed the Dekmantel typeface, and me and Orpheu, part time wizard and one of the founders of Red Light Radio, designed the early releases and flyers, and he’s still doing them. Besides that, they are true friends and we’ve had some good adventures over the years. I’m super proud and amazed at how far they’ve come, and super psyched to still work with them on stuff. (And some really sick stuff is coming!)

What is your relationship with Patta?
Just like Dekmantel, I was always linked up with Patta since early times. In the early days of the store I would pretty much just hang out in the shop all day, every day, and annoy Gee and Parra, who had his studio upstairs back at the old location. Gee once compared me to Dick from High Fidelity, I didn’t work there, I just showed up. Looking back that was pretty accurate.

What was the idea/concept behind the track you’ve made for the PATTA x Dekmantel release?
I don’t have that many bright ideas. They asked me for a track and as I’ve done with every deadline in my life, I pushed it to the very last minute and cranked out a jam in one evening. Thats not a necessarily a bad thing by the way, most of my preferred music is made impulsively and on the fly. I’ve been getting away with it for a good while now.

Who is your favourite visual artist at the moment and why?
I’ve been really into the work of David Altmejd for a long time, his installations are from another planet. I’m super into the idea of making music for spaces and installations, I did a few things already, but thats something I might dive into more over the next few years.


For the first drop on July 28, Dekmantel presents the repress of the sought-after 2015 Patta Anthem ‘The Best I Could Do (With What I Had)’ by Young Marco. Dusty, shuffling grooves, fuzzy analogue melodies fused at a sleep-disco pace: this is pure and distinct transportive power. On the flip Amsterdam based LA producer Suzanne Kraft racks up an excellent remix. The suspense is almost unbearable as dusty, lo-fi drums lay down rattling patterns, before Kraft brings in warm, all-enveloping synth stabs. The vinyl release will be an exclusive gift with purchase of the football jersey paired with the active shorts in the first drop.

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