FS Green is set to release a new EP alongside Patta entitled 'Gowtu'. The songs are inspired by the country and culture of Surinam, hence the title 'Gowtu', or 'Gold' in Surinamese. The EP features guest appearances by La Rouge, Skinto and Aptijt. In addition to the free downloadable EP, a limited edition Patta x FS Green t-shirt will be released. The tee dons the Surinamese currency "$RD" on the front chest, while the back is decorated with the symbolic "mattenklopper" (carpet-beater), a symbol for purification and bonding taken from old Surinamese traditions, and Green's name, which is also of course a nod to the moola. The Patta x FS Green t-shirt will be available in store on April 11. Check out images of the shirt below, as modeled by the man himself and also preview the EP.

Photography by Patrick Mordi

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