Patta x Grenfell Duffle Coat

With the evolution in fashion and streetwear, brands are constantly trying to find ways to differentiate themselves by using technological advancements. And while everyone is rushing themselves to finding that next new scientific breakthrough, some brands never stray from their formula, because they simply never had to. Grenfell, not named after the mill's founder, but after Sir Wilfred Grenfell, a medical missionary in Newfoundland and Labrador, is one of those brands. Doing a lot of missionary travels through the piercing winds of Eastern Canada in the beginnings of the 20th century, Sir Wilfred Grenfell asked Walter Haythornthwaite, owner of a weaving mill in Burnley, for clothing that could withstand the freezing temperatures of the North Pole. Stating that “a fur coat could not keep a statue warm”, he needed coats that were light, strong, windproof and able to breath. A year later in 1923, Mr Haythornthwaite sent him back a new type of cloth that was exactly that and Grenfell cloth was born.

Grenfell cloth is made from the highest quality Egyptian cotton by the best artisans the craft has to offer. Due to the extraordinary close weave that allows the fabric’s windproof, waterproof and sturdy qualities, it was initially unable to absorb the dye. To circumvent this, every single yarn thread has to be dyed before it is put together. Furthermore, to ensure that the water repellant qualities are conserved, the cloth is further enhanced by the best proofing techniques. Having outfitted expeditions to high and arctic places like the Himalayas, Mount Everest and Greenland, Grenfell’s excellence has proven to be able to stand the test of time. Nearly 90 years later, the cloth is made in the exact same way as it was back then by Walter Haythornthwaite himself, checked at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure the quality standard that the originator set all those years ago.

With the factory now situated in East London, every article of clothing is handcrafted by the most expert tailors and garment makers in the United Kingdom. With their bespoke style of business, Grenfell caters to the expert connoisseurs in a fashion that is befitting of a brand with such high standards in quality.

We believe that heritage is at the foundation of every brand as each company has a story or objective that deserves to be told. Therefore, we are proud to announce our collaboration with Grenfell to produce the Patta x Grenfell Duffle Coat. The black duffle coat features the tight weave herringbone woolen cloth which preserves the weather and rain repellency qualities the brand is known for. Details include a protective hood, a two button collar bar to keep the neck warm, double layer shoulder pads, 2 chest pockets, 2 patch pockets with flap closure, fully taped weatherproof seams, ethically sourced horn toggle closure on the front and bears a co-branded label to verify its authenticity.

The Patta x Grenfell Duffle Coat is part of the Patta Winter 2013 Collection and will be available exclusively at the Patta London Pop-Up Store (October 17-20) and soon after at the Patta Amsterdam store and is set to retail for €600,00.

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