Patta x Nike - Bridge the Gap: Amsterdam

2 years ago, Patta and Nike started a small running crew spearheaded by Patta co-owner and team captain Edson. This group consisted of Amsterdam-based individuals from various fields of life, but share one common passion: Running. What started as a small group of creative friends has now organically grown into the full-fledged Patta Running Team, travelling cities, devoted to reach the finish line wherever they go. And the great part is that many cities across the globe have similar crews: Runners from New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Berlin, Johannesburg, Moscow and many more places share similar stories and the same passion for running, uniting and having fun, thus creating one big international running community.

Bridge the Gap is an initiative powered by Nike to gather these crews, not only to run at marathons in their respective cities, but also to network, build and inspire one another. Berlin and London kicked this off in style where crews from various countries joined for the 10KM run. The hosting Graviteam (Berlin) and Run Dum Crew (London) showed the guest runners all the best the city has to offer, and Patta Running Team x Nike are up next to host them and represent the city of Amsterdam in unforgettable manner. 7 crews representing 7 cities, 150 people total. From dinners and parties to red light tours, there's quite a schedule lined up. One of the highlights after crossing the finish line, will be the final Amsterdamage night where everybody comes together as one big international running family, showered, fresh and ready to celebrate, with each crew putting forward 1 DJ to play a set for an hour that best represents their crew. 7 crews, 7 cities, 7 sets. Make It Count.

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