In celebration of Ray Fuego’s first solo project “Zwart” and the start of the Grijs tour, Patta and Ray Fuego are proud to present the Zwart Longsleeve.

The Zwart Longsleeve features the lyrics of the Zwart intro song on the sleeves and the iconic building blocks of Ray Fuego’s stomping ground ‘Groeneveen’ on the back. Ray had this to say about his relationship with Patta recently: "Patta is like family, they were the first people that really gave me a hand and helped me with stuff when no one else wanted to. We were just young in the city trying to swag on the older generation, but the older generation had much more money and much more people around 'em and shit. We were just doing it with whatever we had and Patta and Bonne and Patta family helped me and my best friend Tirino -who is now a model for Patta- with our first shoot.. and after that shoot people saw “yo, these young guys have potential in like who they are.. they can be a really big change for the city, the inner city.”"

"Yo, I never thought about it this way but it’s actually really really crazy, 'cause when we were young we would always go to Patta and we could never afford anything because it was too expensive.. because all the sneakers were exclusive, the hoodies were.. I don't even know.. like 60-70 euros, just too expensive.. and now I have a t-shirt coming out, it’s a collaboration and I’m getting it for free, hahaha!"

The Patta x Ray Fuego Zwart Longsleeve will be available in store at Patta Amsterdam, London on Thursday, March 22. Online launch to be announced.

Ray's Grijs tour starts March 24th at Paradiso Amsterdam.