Patta x Stussy NYC Launch Recap

This past Thursday January 23rd marked the launch of one of the first projects we have been working on in celebration of Patta’s 10 year anniversary. Stussy is undoubtedly one of the main brands laying down the foundation for many, many other streetwear brands to exist today, including ours. Their existence and philosophy has always inspired us, even way before Patta. Needless to say, we are very proud and honored to once again work alongside Stussy and being offered the opportunity to create an entire collection.

To do this project justice, we held two launches, one at the Patta store in Amsterdam, and one at the Stussy Chapter Store in New York, which also hosts a Patta Pop-up Store. In addition to the entire collection, the Pop-Up store also offers NY-only Patta products not available anywhere else. While the Amsterdam launch was struck with a power outage in the entire street, we still managed to get the product to the cash-ready people in the first hour… With no lights on. New York had an entirely different issue to deal with: The brick weather conditions. That didn’t seem to faze most people though, as some already lined up before store opening.

Thank you all for coming out to support, both in New York as well as Amsterdam. If you missed out, you can still grab some pieces at Patta, Stussy NY or Pigalle Paris (Launchdate February 1, 6pm). In addition, you will also be able to get it online at from Monday afternoon and soon at

Photography by Rikash Gobardhan (E-Ville Media)

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