Patty Morgan is opening a Zomerwinkel Tonight!

At Patty Morgan's fancy location in Noord they’re lining the walls (and floor and ceiling) with art and opening up shop tonight, June 21st. There will be art in all shapes, sizes, colours and moods, in prices ranging from sensible $ to special $$.

Art by
Aart-Jan Venema, Annemarie Terlage, Boris de Beijer, Bernice Nauta, Esmay Groot Koerkamp, Britt Dorenbosch, Lorena van Bunningen, Julien Guettab, Florentijn de Boer, Afra Eisma, Mickey Yang, Annika Kappner, Anatole de Benedictus, Bart Eysink Smeets, Anne Geene, Seeger Baas, Nathalie Brans, Renske van Enckevort, Daniela Schwabe, Jip Piet, Jean-Philippe Paumier, Victor Crepsley, Alexandra Martens, Niek Peters, Timo van Grinsven, Kevin Bauer, Tomas Mutsaers, Suzie van Staaveren, Annemarie Slobbe, Peim van der Sloot, Lisette Schumacher, Charlotte Mouwens and more...

More info here

At neighbouring gallery HE.RO there is the Opening: Peter Schuyff 'Yellow Paintings' on the same day. If you take the long way round, it's a 2 min. walk.