Paul du Bois-Reymond Solo Show

Paul du Bois-Reymond is one half of the graphic design collective Machine. He has been active in the field of experimental graphics since the mid-nineties, with his first collective DEPT. Machine made numerous record covers, posters and visual identities for the music/club scene, cultural institutions as well as big global brands.

Next to graphic design, the collective has always been involved in different art projects and performances, where they experimented with various media. Inspired by the work of his father, Burkhardt Soell, DBR has picked up the art of etching a few years ago. Soell and DBR have collaborated on two collector book projects consisting of a collection of etchings and poetry.

These projects have lead DBR to become fascinated with this technique, resulting in an unconventional approach to a traditional art form. DBR's etchings are visually festive playgrounds. Psychedelic mutations of typography, street graphics and aesthetics are often placed in apocalyptic, uneasy settings and atmospheres.

You can check out DBR's amazing works at his second solo show at Unruly Gallery, opening on September 13th 2013. Save the date!

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