Amsterdam-based artist Piet Langeveld has an online exhibition on 3lsewhere on view now. We had a little chat with her about herself and the exhibition.

Who is Piet Langeveld and where are you from?
I was named after my grandfather and great-grandfather, which makes me Piet Langeveld the third. My undercover performance pseudonym is PL3. I grew up in the creative environment of the Westerdok in Amsterdam (a former artists squat), graduated art school in fine arts in 2011, then worked abroad a lot and lived in Iceland for a while. Currently I'm fully based in Amsterdam again, working as a visual artist and freelance design coordinator at Filling Pieces. With that being said, I can't live without my travels, whether it's a trip to the nearest dollar store, an undiscovered island or volcano, ancient caves or surfing the internet. My travels bring me to my next love; collecting. At the moment I'm collecting things like stones, minerals, glittery things, climbing-rope and rose petals.

What’s keeping you busy on a daily basis besides work?
I really enjoy HTML and software tutorials (grandfather Piet was a radio engineer in Nigeria), I practice Buijincan (Japanese martial arts), just started practicing Hichibuku Goshinjutsu and most recently I'm polishing up my OG streetdance skills on the low (LOL).

What is the connection between Patta and Piet?
Gee-man (Guillaume Schmidt); my bff and co-founder of our 'Gild of Dreamers' (together with vip Tony Spackman and vip Zazie Stevens). Patta is realness, I share their search to authenticity.

What will we hear/see from Piet in the future?
Lots of beautiful stories on life, I hope!

What did you want to express with your composition on 3lsewhere?
The composition is called ‘right here right now (for jvdh)' and will develop itself through the month of July. It's a meditation on the relationship between hyperrealism, 'the present', mindfulness and stock footage. Contemplating such abstract concepts through HTML is intriguing to me. Language can be limited but through a new combination of the same symbols you are able to connect image, sound and any other source of information from our collective memory (internet). The objects in the composition are movable, the viewer can join in and rearrange the composition.



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