RAW METROPOLIS is a short documentary by our dear friends Amirah and Wafa Tajdin that explores how Dubai as a future city is finding it's identity through the stylistic expressions of it's inhabitants and visitors. Written and directed by Amirah Tajdin of Seven Thirty Films, this series of video portraits make up a film that documents the influence of street style, amidst the vistas of one of the world's newest urban centers, the city of Dubai.

The portraits were filmed during Sole DXB, that took place over two days in November 2014 - the regions leading annual lifestyle and street culture event which serves to expose all facets of the city's growing urban culture through footwear, fashion and street art. It was filmed at the Dubai Design District which served as the event's backdrop.

Guests of the festival, the festivals founders and festival revelers are all featured in a series of portrait interviews set in the backseat of a car that weaves through geometrically abstract and stylised shots of cityscapes, spaces and buildings that are juxtaposed against the interviewees who give their take on what street culture, style, life & technology means to and for them.

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