For years, photographer Winter Vandenbrink has been observing the street-style typology of the Tag Boys - a generation whose visceral communication is expressed through the coded language of brands. His photographic study has captured a generation who are wanderers more than wilful destroyers.

Together with Vandenbrink, RED BULL delves into this storied sub-culture even further. Opening up his portfolio to two of Amsterdam’s creative forces – Georgy Dendoe (artist, music producer, member of the Smib collective) and Tirino Yspol (stylist, creative director, co-founder of clothing label smib-sa-land) – the result is a multi-layered exhibition based around the intriguing interplay of perspectives.

Winter Vandenbrink
Veteran photographer Winter Vandenbrink has been developing his raw, street-sourced style over the past decade. Capturing the youthful energy of European cities has informed his eye for editorial and documentary projects, propelling him into the upper echelons of fashion with brands such as Acne Studios, Neil Barrett, and Valentino.

Georgy Dendoe
Goergy Dendoe is an artist, music producer, member of the Smib collective, and founder of clothing brand Sumibu (Smib).

Tirino Yspol
Patta model, member of the creative Smib collective, stylist and creative director, Tirino is a co-founder of clothing brand Smib-sa-land.

Winter Vandenbrink, Georgy Dendoe & Tirino Yspol
March 27th 2018
18:30 - 21:00
Waterlooplein 22, Amsterdam