RMBA Fireside Chat: Mobb Deep

The latest episode of Red Bull Music Academy Radio's "Fireside Chat" pulls up a chair with some of Hip-Hop's most errant characters, the Infamous Mobb Deep. With their unique blend of sinister, cinematic street tales and intense, minimalistic production, Havoc and Prodigy became almost synonymous with East Coast street rap in the mid 90s. Their ambition and hunger for hip hop meant they were never going to stay underground for long, and while their first album "Juvenile Hell" laid the foundations, it was their second album "The Infamous" that really caught wider attention. Shook Ones Part II might have taken the spotlight, but The Infamous was full of classic tracks like "Up North Trip", "Survival Of The Fittest" and full of Havoc and Prodigy’s urban tales and street life observations, and perfectly-picked guest spots from Nas, Ghostface and Raekwon, Big Noyd and Q-Tip. "The Infamous" cemented their status on rap’s A-list, and the follow up "Hell On Earth" saw the pair hit their stride, proving they weren’t just a one-off. While Mobb Deep might be synonymous with the 90s, the duo’s honest, brutal lyrics and stark production have proved timeless.

In addition to inspiring subsequent generations of artists, they’ve flourished into the Aughts via singles like "The Learning (Burn)" and "Got It Twisted" – collaborating with extended family like The Alchemist and enjoying a stint with 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records. Though it all, they continue to shape modern hip-hop while still maintaining their iconic status. Listen to the full broadcast below.


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