Amidst the release of Rihanna's latest album, we take a closer look at the creator of ANTI's cover artwork.

New York-based Roy Nachum is a painter, sculptor and installation artist, experimenting with human perception, and exploring the boundaries between the visual and the non-visual. He sees his work as an "eye opener", a vehicle to allow viewers to explore their own existential apprehensions. The works of Nachum test the viewer's inner vision and examine if "what we see is what we think we see". He has experimented with his own sight by wearing a blindfold for a full week. "Sometimes in order to see, you need to close your eyes".

Roy Nachum, "abdicate", 2012

In a recent series Nachum has experimented with Braille. In these paintings, he builds up the surface of the canvas with sculpted paint squares. He encourages people to touch and interact with the work, convinced that human interaction keeps the work alive and breaks the barrier between viewer and the "sacred object". He often paints subjects, whose vision is obscured. An example is the recurring image of a child with his eyes covered by a gold crown, representing man’s blindness caused by misplaced values and desire. Subjects are often painted in multiple, intersecting views, expressing that the "truth" is in the eye of the beholder.

His work for the ANTI album cover is titled "If They Let Us", and features an image of a child holding onto a black balloon while a gold crown covers her eyes. The booklet is inscribed with a Chloe Mitchell poem in braille. Rihanna: "The whole idea behind the braille is that people who have sight are sometimes the people who are blindest."

Roy Nachum, "If They Let Us", 2015

Rihanna offers you a free download of her latest album HERE, Download with code: ANTI

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