6 firi, 7 ghosts, 3 animals. This is how you can describe the Ruyzdael debut, in 2 numbers and 3 words. Dim Browski, Duvel and Undog recorded over 30 songs in the past year and on April 22th, their debut will appear via Patta.

The reunion concert of DuvelDuvel at the end of 2015 in Rotterdam wasn't a new beginning, but the end of an era, creating space for a new fresh project called Ruyzdael. After all these years, Duuv is still wilful, independent and his own spirit. He found his partners, Dim Browski and Undog by the same characteristics, forming a strong pack.

6 is the first part of a trilogy to will unfold in 2017, set to be released through Patta with a physical vinyl pressing and an exclusive Ruyzdael T-shirt. More info is following soon!

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