Smartphones & Rarities

In The Netherlands, the big news today was the Dutch general election, a necessity after the Prime Minister Mark Rutte's government failed and handed in his government's resignation back in April. The other big news which could have a bigger effect on economics, well at least short term, is Apple's official announcement of the iPhone 5. Months of speculations and crafty mock-ups turned out to be quite accurate today after Apple ended the suspense surrounding their next smartphone. If you care: Two-tone aluminum and glass body, 18% percent thinner, 20% lighter, 4" Retina display, A6 CPU, LTE, improved battery life and front facing cam, all new "Lightning" dock connector, new earbuds and iOS6 right out the gate. Get them cheeseburgers ready on September 28.

Sticking with the theme of releases, Queens rapper Gudtyme just unearthed a dope treasure for the real deal Hip Hop geeks and historians. The Lunchroom Battles mixtape is, as Gudtyme describes it: "The equivalent of me losing a tape and you finding it." There are vintage gems by Biz and Rakim Allah, Kane, Akinyele and Nasty Nas performing their Live At the BBQ verses pre-Breaking Atoms, Busy Bee versus Kool Moe Dee, and much more. Get ta streaming below, download it HERE, and read Gudtyme's backstory about the tape HERE.

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