SNEAKERS Exhibition

SNEAKERS is an exhibition Amsterdam-based illustrator Jasper Andries has been working on since 2004. The show features a series of portraits by international graffiti artists. To secure their anonymity, he painted their favorite pair of sneakers instead of their faces, on top of a background done by the graffiti artist him/herself. All canvases (80x120cm) are for sale, plus high quality reproductions. Featured artists include: BRUSH, SELONE, PANE, SKEE, TIQUE, MATH, SERCH, KRAZE, SHOE, ARTIK, QUIK, MILK, DELTA, ARSON, SURE, SET, ZEDZ, MICKEY, PONE, CECE, SUEZ and OASE.

Friday November 30th
Lijnbaansgracht 318
From 17:00

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