During the 1990s, Stretch & Bobbito introduced the world to an unsigned Nas, Biggie, Wu-Tang, and Big Pun as well as an unknown Jay-Z, Eminem, Fat Joe, and the Fugees. The total record sales for all the artists that premiered on their show exceed 300 million. 25 years after Stretch and Bobbito's first WKCR broadcast, the legendary duo is planning to release a feature length documentary titled STRETCH AND BOBBITO: RADIO THAT CHANGED LIVES. The film is a story of how two quirky friends who were real nerds —became unlikely hip hop legends by engaging their listeners and breaking the biggest rap artists ever. The film is produced by Omar Acosta and co-produced by Stretch and Bob, with Bobbito on directing duties and Stretch supervising the music.

This independently produced film could use your involvement by spreading the word and/or contributing via Kickstarter to ensure that the film reaches as many deserving viewers as possible on every platform imaginable from theaters, to festivals, to television, to digital download/stream/rentals, to Video On Demand, to DVDs, to original score soundtrack, to merchandise (posters/t-shirts/cassettes) and so on and so forth!

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