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The successful Appelsap Fresh Music Festival which takes place at Amsterdam's Oosterpark will most likely be forced to stop hosting the annual summer event at the aforementioned park. This would mean the end of the festival as we all know it. On September 18, the district council of the East Amsterdam region will decide whether or not the park may be partially closed off to host any festivities.

Closing a portion of the park has been crucial for the safety of visitors and residents, but also a neccessity as a direct result of the declining subsidies for the Appelsap organization, forcing the festival to charge entrance fees (entrance used to be free in the past). Appelsap has never closed off the entire park for the festival, nor do they plan to, since it's a public park first and foremost. However, a number of complaints from some local residents seems to outweigh the pleasure of thousands of festival visitors, many of which are neighbors as well.

The Appelsap organization will seek dialogue with the neighborhood as well as with the district council to come up with a suiting proposal aiming to limit any inconveniences and closed perimeters. For the past two years the Appelsap Festival has been in it's current form (partially closed location, entrance fee). They hope to keep building upon this working model in consultation with the local politics and residents, and show this way of cultural entrepreneurship should be possible as well in a city like Amsterdam. It's our park as well, and closing a part of a public park a couple times a year, with neccessary measures taken of course, shouldn't even be such a issue in the first place.

If you agree that Appelsap should remain in the Oosterpark, please support them by voicing your opinion and sign the petition they set up below. Thank you!


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