Surinamese Cooking

Surinamese culture is deep rooted in The Netherlands, especially the Suriname cuisine. Much like Chinese food there's an array of restaurants serving so-called traditional dishes, but in reality most of the time they're simplified variations of the real deal, adjusted to local tastes. If you don't have Surinamese friends in your circle, it is quite difficult to figure out how to prepare and make certain dishes and specialties. Our friend Farida took it upon herself to offer Surinamese cooking lessons.

This is the fifth time this course takes place, and there's still room to join for those interested. In 6 lessons you'll be guided by an expert and taught the basics of this varied kitchen. CLassics, popular, as well as festive dishes will all be thoroughly explained.

The lessons are scheduled on Monday October 1-8-15-22-29 and November 1st from 18:00 till 21:00.
The complete workshop will set you back 45,00 euro, which includes the lessons and meals.

You can sign up while there's still room, send an email to [email protected] or hit up 06 54 34 19 86.

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