On the 26th of September Jordskred will present ‘Swendel.’, a new book by Kim David Bots through an exhibition at Oz. in Amsterdam. On friday there will be an official opening from 4 pm till 10 am, after which the exhibition will be on view both saturday and sunday.

Saturday from 12:00 till 21:00
Sunday from 13:00 till 21:00

Jordskred is a small, independent publishing house based in Amsterdam creating unique publications in close collaboration with artists, illustrators, designers and musicians. It focusses predominantly on books, prints and music in small edition, in which the personal approach of the artists plays a central part.

‘Swendel.’ is the second big publication of Kim David Bots after ‘All’s Well: I’m in Montana with Jack Nicholson’, which came out in 2012. It tells the story of Arthur Swendel Jr., an obscure science fiction writer who, during a walk after an intense storm, does a peculiar find. Within three years this discovery makes him one of the most controversial, but also popular archaeologists of his time.

’Swendel.’ is a screen printed book, hand-bound in an edition of 35.

With thanks to galerie De Schans.
Supported by the Mondriaan Fund.


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