Ta-ku - Closet Drake Fans

New tune by the ever productive homie Ta-ku. "Just a quick club joint of Drakes "Over" I made on the weekend. I called it "Closet Drake Fans" to co-incide with my Drake Pie Chart™, really."

The artwork, as (hilariously) explained by it's creator Srdjan:
Sometimes Ta-ku will message me to do some quick artwork for him for an impending release of a new mix - In this case I've gone to the trouble to document all necessary steps for completing said artwork:
1. Receive email from Ta-ku
2. Google Drake's head
3. Hope that no one questions your Google search history
4. Add black and white #emotions
5. Add contrast #feels
6. Add static #butthurts
7. Add Gotham typeface #always
8. Receive Ta-ku's approval, love and affection
9. Listen to Drake, late at night, alone
10. <\3 )': Play it out if you #feels.

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