Ta-ku - Songs To Break Up To (Artwork)

A few days ago, my homie Ta-ku hit me up about his forthcoming "Songs To Break Up To" project. The idea was to have a select group of artists from his circle to submit artwork in various mediums, inspired by the music. My response consisted of two words: Let's go!

When I received the private link I wasn't even thinking of what to create yet, but as I was listening to the songs while staring at the familiar Soundcloud waveforms and markers which 'break up' the tracks, an idea popped off in my mind: A tear off ad!

I immediately made a screencap and traced the waveform. Added song titles, cutting lines, instructions, and sealed the deal with artist and album title. Done and done.

I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed creating it… And the coolest part is, you can actually get a printable version of the ad and stick it up on walls, lamp posts and bulletin boards in support of the album! Hit up [email protected] to receive your copy and don't forget to tag us your results on Instagram: @takubeats @mastalee #songstobreakupto

Shoutouts to Ta-ku for reaching out, pleasure and honor to be part of this.
"Songs To Break Up To" is available digitally and on vinyl October 8 2013 | www.ta-ku.me

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