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    In a world run by ‘Salary Men’ and strict social conventions, the pursuit of a new Japan is rife. The streets of the Tokyo Underworld thrive off its new founding father, Kohh. By letting ourselves get lost in his universe we arise at the forefront of a music revolution in Japan. "Kohh's Son" is a short documentary about Japan’s most enigmatic rap star, created by filmmakers Lindsay and Toa Bardo. (via Dazed Digital)


    Director Jon E Price created e a short documentary for Dazed that profiles the upcoming jazz artists in London. 'Blue Skies' profiles a small but tight-knit group of musicians who’ve grown up listening to grime, hip hop and neo-soul as much as the jazz greats. Growing up in a melting pot of variety of music, the artists are being followed on their journey towards a soulful jam session with musicians from collectives such as Theon Cross, Sumo Chief and the Ezra Collective. Watch the full documentary below.

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