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    In a world run by ‘Salary Men’ and strict social conventions, the pursuit of a new Japan is rife. The streets of the Tokyo Underworld thrive off its new founding father, Kohh. By letting ourselves get lost in his universe we arise at the forefront of a music revolution in Japan. "Kohh's Son" is a short documentary about Japan’s most enigmatic rap star, created by filmmakers Lindsay and Toa Bardo. (via Dazed Digital)


    Kohh is one of the most prolific artists emerging from the current Tokyo Hip-Hop scene, steadily making noise with music, videos and live performances. Leading up to the release of his fourth album 'Dirt II', Kohh delivers the video for his second single 'Business and Art'. 'Dirt II' comes in two parts: 'Side A' contains new material in collaboration with artists and producers from around the world, while 'Side B' features previously released songs reworked by Murasaki Beatz. Both are up for pre-order and will be available on iTunes tomorrow, June 17th.

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