The Grandmasters

Wong Kar-Wai is hands down one of my favorite modern day filmmakers. He works outside of the usual representational approaches that underpin classical narrative cinema and transcends artistic boundaries flawlessly. His works carry distinctive themes and signatures: Emotional resonance, avant-garde filmic aesthetics, gorgeous framing and lighting, voice-over narration, backed with an eclectic soundtrack. WKW also often re-casts actors/actresses, most notably Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung, both favorites as well.

"The Grandmasters" has been in the making since 1997 (best believe that!). After numerous delays, prolonged shooting, date changes and broken arms, WKW's latest work is now finally finished at last. The film is a biopic about the legendary martial artist Yip Man (Bruce Lee's Wing Chun master) and other kung fu masters of his time. What you can expect is arguably the most stylish martial arts film you have ever seen, with cool as fuck Tony Leung as Yip Man and the gorgeous Zhang Ziyi as an eight diagram palm master. Check out the first full length trailer below.

"The Grandmasters" is hitting Chinese cinemas on December 18th and overseas in 2013.

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