Tiny Adventures: Photographs by Sandder

Tiny Adventures is Sandder's debut photography exhibition. His works are described as "too glossy for the art world, too artsy for the commercial world", which is true, but at the same time this is also what makes his works powerful. He's not afraid to experiment with less than ideal subjects, locations and narrative. He combines analog (vintage glass) with digital (editing), creating yet another interesting layer of estrangement. In his debut exhibition Tiny Adventures he invites people to enter a world of questions and suggestions, encouraging them to figure out conclusions themselves.

After his 2001 graduation at Rietveld Academy, Sandder initially focused on video and graphic design, but in the past few years he also spent extensive time keeping himself busy mastering the art of photography. Tiny Adventures is a nod to the exhibition's location, as well as the title of the forthcoming book which will contain the complete series.

Thursday July 4th
18.00 - 22.00
Redbox Gallery/Redlight Complex
Oudekerksplein 22


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