When it’s classic, it doesn’t have a life span. It doesn’t conform to trends. When it’s timeless, it transcends cultural walls.

By captivating a wide demographic, it needs no long, drawn out explanation… It speaks for itself. Classic doesn’t change with the times… It is the time changer.
It’s the return of one of the most sought after running shoes from NIKE: The Air Span II. The predecessor of the 1989 Air Span I, the 1990-91 revolutionary trainer’s molded phylon midsole was lightweight and more durable, signaling the change from the 80’s heavy polyurethane trainers.

Air Span - 1989

Air Span II - 2018

Built for stability, it was the first to use an internal footbridge for maximum pronation control. The exposed phylon on the outsole and the polyurethane encapsulated air bag would make it a true game changer. Although intended for serious runners, the affordable and stylish Air Span II quickly became the go to for everyone. The Air Span II keeps its original shape aesthetic, but has been recrafted for all day everyday comfort.

Patta & Nike present:
The return of the, NIKE AIR SPAN II.


Saturday - 11:00-19:00
Sunday – 13:00-18:00
Zeedijk 61, Amsterdam