Perfect food is worth the effort. Tsuta, a Japanese ramen restaurant in Sugamo, Tokyo, was recently crowned with a Michelin star. Mind you, Tsuta's owner and chef Yuki Onishi is not a Paris-trained master of gourmet French cuisine, nor does he hail from a generations-old sushi artisan family. Onishi's ramen journey began 12 years ago when he traded his career in fashion for the world of noodles. Moving back to his hometown in Kanagawa prefecture, where his father ran a ramen restaurant, he slowly mastered the art of ramen cooking from scratch.

Ramen has long been regarded as convenient and cheap fast food, with customers ranging from working class salarymen to broke students. However, the amount of effort and details that go into a great bowl of noodles is huge. It is a real skill to be able to produce a dish of such complex culinary artistry. Thus making this truly a star with a difference for culinary capital Tokyo, not to mention that it's also the most affordable Michelin-awarded establishment. Even before the prestigious accolade, Tsuta closes up when Onishi runs out of ramen, which is usually already around 16:00.

Our homies Tosao and Joao recently ventured from Amsterdam to Tokyo to visit Onishi-san and try out his perfect ramen…

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