Unruly selected some truly unruly works of art for a group exhibition, that can best be described as a well-orchestrated visual cacophony of amazing creations. Presented are new work by artists that they’ve shown before, like Paul Du Bois-Reymond’s enchanting but unsettling pencil drawings, the black blot letter abstractions by the famous Fin Egs, Jasper Daniel Kerke’s 2½d work and a banging painting by Vincent van de Waal in his signature flesh-and-bones style. Other Unruly artists include the multi-talented Wayne Horse with his abstracted Beasts, Clelia Zida who re-invented herself in a brilliant way and the modest genius from Rome, Pane.

Also present are are graphic mastermind Rutger Floor who explores the contrast between violence and watercolours, and London’s infamous vandal Christopher Stead whose work, as an art critic put it “exposes an apocalyptic light of the urban way of living and offers to the viewer an unprecedented vision of hidden vibrating spaces otherwise unavailable to the general eye". But we think that goes for all the artists in the show.

Unruly Gallery group show at Dog and Pony
Opening Thursday 15 January 2015

Dog and Pony
Govert Flinkckstraat 132

Open on weekdays from 19 January - 20 February | 12:00-18:00


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