In line with the release of the Vans Authentic 44 we asked Kyle Weeks to shoot an editorial incorporating Amsterdam street culture with the classic Vans model.

“Vans launched in 1966 with 7 styles of canvas casuals, the most enduring & recognizable of which is the style #44, now known for good reason as the authentic. Style #44 was inspired by classic circular vamp oxford (cvo) lace-ups which became popular in the 1960s for surfers & in boating circles. Vans classic cvo deck shoes however utilized better quality materials & underwent superior production techniques with a multiplicity of vulcanized effects. The hard-wearing 10 duck canvas, longer-lasting nylon thread, rugged 4-stitch backstay & pure crepe rubber compound was noticed by skateboarders of the mid 70s for their improved ability to feel the board & thus the terrain."

The Vans authentic 44 will be available in store during the Vans authentic pop up at Zeedijk 61 from Saturday April 28 - Sunday April 29.

Vans Authentic 44 pop up:

Saturday April 28 - 11:00-19:00
Sunday April 29 – 13:00-18:00

Zeedijk 61, Amsterdam

Photography: Kyle weeks

Tirino Yspol ,Jamairo Nawaz, Piet Langeveld, KC, Iggy Tuin, Georgy Dendoe, Didem Senay, Sharon Harman