Give or take 2 years ago, Vic Crezée started his White Boy Wasted event. To enhance these nights, he made special mixes to promote the event. Each of the mixes contained an exclusive track solely created for each mix. A selection of these tracks have now been remixed and remastered for an official release though Magnetron Music. The 5-track 'White Boy Wasted' EP contains guest appearances from Faberyayo, Adje, Sef among others, as well as production by FS Green, Rimer London, Yung Felix and more. The EP will be available for everybody May 15th.

01 Ik Doe Niet Aan Gezeik feat. Willem, Idaly & Faberyayo (prod. Garrincha & Spasmatic)
02 Vinkgor feat. Faberyayo (prod. FS Green)
03 € 500,- feat. Faberyayo & Sex DJ Den (prod. Rimer London)
04 Super feat. Faberyayo (prod. Appiah)
05 ’T Zal Een Keer Niet (Je Hoeremoer) feat. Faberyayo & Sef (prod. Yung Felix)

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