Vincent van de Waal Exhibition


Vincent van de Waal (Leiden, 1981) studied graphic design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. After his graduation in 2006 he started working for the Amsterdam music and club scene, designing invitations, posters and music packaging. Besides designing printed matter, he has also been collaborating with renowned sneaker shop and street fashion brand Patta. He designed many of the brand’s graphics and also got involved in their clothing design. Van de Waal’s creations are known for their direct and uncut nature. Both his typographic approach and his treatment of image seem at times crude and casual, yet to the trained eye they reveal a strong personal attitude and an undeniable graphic sensitivity.

Whilst never holding back in his commissioned work, Van de Waal created a sidekick for his designer personality; one obsessed with drawing, addicted to visual incentives and hungry to show the world another visual ability. This idea of total freedom is one that appeals to most designers; no banal information to translate, no clients just guts. But with freedom comes great responsibility; one that Van de Waal takes on without doubt nor fear.
This resulted in drawings that seem to merge various fascinations and cultures into a new experience. Collections of visual trophies compete and co-exist at the same time. Beautiful but deadly exotic animals, caged in a zoo without locks, ready to seduce and attack their spectators. Morphed commercial symbols meet the language of the dark and the rejected. Religious references hold their ground next to drug ridden fantasy rides. In a visual iconic battle they all get the same chances and eventually all is reduced to it’s core: black or white, lines or no lines.

Van de Waal’s language can be understood far beyond the realm of ‘underground art’. His subjects are present in most people’s worlds, whether in an obscure digital video channel or on the arms of an old sailor. Where most would never see the potential promise that these references hold, Van de Waal takes on his responsibility to capture them for us. He has in fact become the keeper in a zoo for the wicked, the untamed, the uncatchable.

On display for public: September 24/25 2011 12:00 - 18:00

Unruly Gallery
Cliffordstraat 26
1051 GT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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