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After relocating Patta to the (in)famous Zeedijk, it took a minute to adjust and get familiar with the new environment. In the past 10 months or so we've really settled in, and seen some developments which make the ever-potent Zeedijk more and more interesting not just for us, but also for the area in general. Just a little while ago we've witnessed the opening of coffeebar Quartier Putain, which also serves as a social platform for music, art and literature, and now two new and interesting additions have joined the neighborhood: Uncover Lab and Trunk V.

Uncover Lab
Uncover Lab is a 3 month experiment in counter-obsolescence: A group of young designers disturbed by todays disposable culture have gotten together to find a way to breathe new life and sustainability into old objects by customizing and modifying these personal items, such as laptops, mobile devices, sunglasses or even skatedecks. They achieve this with a state of the art laser engraving machine, which can bring your ideas and designs to life. Have your loved one's photograph engraved on a nice wooden iPhone case, or gift your granddad a leather-bound notebook with a Dostoyevsky-quote.

Uncover Lab
Zeedijk 80

Trunk V
Womens fashion store Trunk V founded by Elaine Ching introduces handpicked ready-to-wear items and accessories from small and (yet) unknown Asian labels which blend nicely with European sensibilities. Here you will find unique pieces produced in high quality, but low quantities, so chances that you run into somebody wearing the same thing are very slim. Previously only available online but now also offering a pop-up store where you can see, feel and try things on the spot. So while you guys are shopping for new kicks, you can safely leave your girlfriends across the street. Just don't give them your debit card pin.

Zeedijk 60

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